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SplashLearn is an immersive learning app that uses games to teach math and reading to children. Based on a comprehensive, curriculum-aligned program that's set in a game-like interface, SplashLearn ensures that your child is actively engaged in learning all the way.
SplashLearn is a complete math and reading experience for children aged 3 to 11. Spanning Prekindergarten to Grade 5, SplashLearn covers 4,000+ math and reading skills aligned to a variety of curriculums.
Loved by over 40 million children worldwide and with over 3 billion problems answered, SplashLearn uses its huge library of data points to continuously inform and enhance its adaptive algorithm. That is, every child’s learning experience on SplashLearn is personalized and continuously adapts to their changing skill level. Moreover, each game on SplashLearn is tied to a set of unique learning objectives that map to the curriculum. An intelligent, modular curriculum framework at the backend ensures that the games and learning objectives can align with any curriculum of your choice.
SplashLearn’s child-friendly app interface is designed by experts and tested with children to ensure independent use by children. It’s completely ad-free and safe, so you never have to worry about your child’s privacy and safety.
Parents too are part of their child's learning journey - they are regularly reminded of their child's progress, achievements, and gap areas through detailed and actionable progress reports right in their inbox.
Unlike a host of other apps that use gamification as motivation to learn, SplashLearn integrates learning in a game-based format. That is, children do not solve a couple of math or reading questions in a “game-like” setting or unlock the next level of an unrelated game. Solving problems is the game and a super exciting one at that. This makes learning fun, not a means to a game they find fun.
Absolutely. With our attractively priced family plans, you can add up to 3 children to a single SplashLearn account.
SplashLearn is widely used in both schools and homes worldwide. While millions of families use it at home to make learning for their children, its curriculum-aligned content library and a dedicated teacher dashboard make it a favorite among teachers and schools as well.
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